‘If you don’t know where your going..’

‘If you don’t know where your going any road will get you there’ Lewis Carrol

It has been around 4 and half months since I’ve returned for an Australian sojourn from my world gallivanting. Well ok, it maybe wasn’t so much gallivanting as a well paced trudge, but I did see a lot of amazing things and needed to come home to regroup, see friends and family. Having accomplished that and even returned to the office for a few months it’s time for me to set off again!

The question I am most often asked now is ‘so where are you going this time?!’. The undertones to the question always seem to add ‘your going away again??’ and some level of incredulity at my obvious lack of responsibility, or perhaps I’m just hearing that as I question my sanity?

So in answer to the above? Well.. I don’t rightly know exactly. But wherever it is I’m sure it will be great!

Actually, not knowing isn’t entirely true. I do know I’m going to Bangkok because, well that’s where I’ve just flown into. I am also almost certainly going to Cambodia in a couple of days and have very strong intentions of visiting Myanmar before it is completely overrun with McDonald’s and ATM’s (I hope I’m not to late). Apart from that, I’d rather not think about it too much. There are a million places I haven’t been to yet to which I’d like to go, and many I have been that constantly pull at my heartstrings to return to. I have a head full of plans and itineraries, and I’m also open to the road taking me somewhere I haven’t even thought of yet.

When I started this blog I was setting out to Cairo, with the intention if travelling for the sake of travel. I spent 11.5 months on the road and ended up in Kazakhstan, a place I had virtually no intention of going to when I left home.

So this time I set off, knowing that whatever I think I’m going to do right now is largely irrelevant. I set off however more firmly committed to living a life full of adventure and new horizons. Travelling, for the pure indulgent sake of it.

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